Is Chiropractic Care Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women often deal with various problems affecting their body. Can they resort to chiropractic for help? Learn the answer here.

Chiropractic is an art and science of healthcare which consists of adjusting misaligned joints without using any medications or surgical procedures. Mostly, the spinal column, the vertebral discs, related nerves and nerve roots, and bone geometry are treated. The spinal column is the one that is mostly being treated through chiropractic, reducing any pressure and stress on the spinal nerves, relieving any sign and symptom and promoting good health. How about going to the chiropractor during pregnancy? Is it safe or not?

Is Going to the Chiropractor While Pregnant Safe?

Chiropractic care is a kind of physical therapy which tends to maintain and promote a good health of the spinal column, as mentioned without using any medications or surgical procedures. In general, this is considered as a safe treatment, rarely resulting in any complications. Chiropractic care is believed to be safe even while pregnant. However, in certain circumstances chiropractic might not be a good idea and you should seek other treatment options for your problem.

Even though chiropractic care is considered safe during pregnancy, you should consult with your healthcare provider first. Chiropractic is not recommended while pregnant in the following cases:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Placenta previa
  • Placenta abruption
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Moderate or severe toxemia, etc.

Most chiropractors are trained to deal with pregnant women. However, some chiropractors are specialized in prenatal care. If possible, choose a chiropractor who is specialized in prenatal care if you are going to the chiropractor while pregnant.

The tables should be adjusted in order to accommodate pregnant women and their growing bellies. Also, only techniques that won’t put any pressure on the abdomen are used.

Below you can find designations of chiropractors who are trained to deal with pregnant women:

  • Webster certified – specially trained to work with pelvic balance while pregnant
  • DACCP – highest level of advanced training
  • CACCP – ICPA certified
  • Member of ICPA

How Can Chiropractic Care Help During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is considered as a special period during which the female body undergoes a lot of changes, including hormonal and physical changes. All these changes have an impact on your spinal column, body posture, and overall health. As the baby grows and becomes heavier, the center of gravity shifts and the body posture adjusts, often leading to pain and discomfort due to misalignment of body joints and spinal discs.

Other changes which can lead to discomfort and pain during pregnancy include:

  • Increased back curvature due to a protruding abdomen
  • Pelvic changes as the body starts preparing for labor
  • Posture changes

Going to the chiropractor while pregnant can help address all the issues mentioned above. Studies reveal that about 75% of pregnant women have reported a pain relief after seeing a chiropractor. Did you know that chiropractic care can be beneficial for the baby as well?

Benefits of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

  • Relieve the Back Pain

If you are looking for a natural treatment to relieve your back pain, chiropractic care can help you, regardless if you are pregnant or not. As mentioned, the body posture and the spinal curvature change as the belly expands during the nine months of pregnancy. A chiropractor can help you correct any body posture problems, as well as, helping your spine keep its intended curvature.

  • Relieve Other Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Certain signs and symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea or vomiting can be treated with chiropractic care. However, chiropractic care does not relieve the morning sickness in all women.

  • Your Baby Will Be Healthy Too

The main goal of going to the chiropractor while pregnant is to let the body heal on its own by removing any pressure on the affected nerves of the spinal column. When the nerves are free and no pressure affects them, the body will work better and you will be healthier. If you are healthy, your baby will be healthy too.

  • Baby Is Correctly Positioned

Chiropractic care can help the baby get correctly positioned inside the uterus and get prepared for birth. The baby can easily get in a breech position, posteriorly or sideways, non of which are ideal positions for labor and birth. The chiropractic adjustment can help the baby switch to a correct position for labor and birth.

  • Help with Better Labor and Birth

With chiropractic care, the birth process itself can be easier and the labor shorter. If the hips, the pelvis, and the spinal column are in proper alignment, the birth and labor process will progress quicker and easier. If you are aiming for a natural and drug-free birth, chiropractic care can be an option.

Other Benefits of Chiropractic for New Mothers

Chiropractic care is also helpful during the postpartum period. It can correct any misalignment which might have occurred during labor. If a mother is breastfeeding or even bottle feeding, back pain or posture problems are possible. These problems can be resolved with chiropractic care as well.

Chiropractors and Pregnancy: Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

As the number of women who seek help from a chiropractor during pregnancy for their health problems is growing every day, doctors are seeking for more trained chiropractors to address their patients too.

If you are yet not quite familiar with chiropractic care and the benefit of chiropractic during pregnancy, consult with your healthcare provider.



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