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Jul 27, 2018

Dealing Ways for Infected Ingrown Hair on Bikini Line

Infected ingrown hair on bikini line is painful. Many home remedies and medications are available for the problem. Sometimes, you need to see a doctor. more »

Nov 22, 2017

What Causes Black Spot on Your Lips?

Black spot on your lips can be embarrassing. But do you know why they appear or how to deal with them effectively? No worries – keep reading! more »

Nov 22, 2017

Causes and Treatments for Burning Skin

Burning skin can be caused by a skin infection but can also be internal conditions. Home remedies usually help but severe conditions will require medical attention. more »

Nov 22, 2017

Why and How to Handle Excessive Sweats on Head

Too much sweating on head can be nothing but can also be serious. Figure out its causes and make a properly designed plan with your doctor to get over it. more »

Nov 22, 2017

7 Causes of White Dots on Lips (with Pictures)

White dots on lips can be cosmetically distressing. They can be small or white patches and are often harmless. However, some require medical attention. more »

Nov 22, 2017

Dark Spots on Your Face: Causes and Remedies

Facial dark spots are not good looking. Remedies like masks can allow them fade quickly. If the dark skin is persistent, you can speak to your doctor. more »

Nov 22, 2017

Stages of Oral and Genital Herpes

There are two types of herpes that can affect the oral cavity or genitals, get to know stages of each kind of herpes for better management. more »

Nov 22, 2017

Why Does Your Face Become Flushed?

Your face become flushed when blood rush to the blood vessels on the surface of the face. Know its major causes and find out the best treatments to rid it. more »

Nov 21, 2017

What Causes Unexplained Bruises to Appear on Your Legs?

Unexplained bruises on your leg can develop after an injury that you had trouble remembering, but it can also be a side effect of something more serious. more »

Nov 20, 2017

Is Amoxicillin Rash Dangerous? What to Do?

An amoxicillin rash is usually not severe and often disappears on its own. But any additional signs like itching or vomiting should be reported to doctor. more »

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