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Feb 02, 2022

Prolonged Periods: Causes & Managements

If your period won't stop and lasts for more than 10 days, it can be caused by various conditions. Medical treatment may be necessary to deal with it. more »

Dec 15, 2021

Leukorrhea: Causes and Home Remedies

Leukorrhea is the presence of a white-, gray- or green-colored discharge from the vagina. You can try remedies like okra, apple cide vinegar, etc. to help. more »

Aug 10, 2021

Partial Hysterectomy Process and Precautions

A partial hysterectomy is a procedure that removes the uterus but leaves the cervix intact. There will still be emotional and physical effects after it. more »

Aug 07, 2021

Vaginitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Vaginitis is an embarrassing problem which affects many women. It is advisable to get it checked by doctors for better and effective treatments. more »

Jul 28, 2021

Take the Pills Correctly, How to Do It?

Birth control pills are convenient and reliable? But how to take them correctly? Read to learn the right ways to take the pill bring the best effects. more »

Jul 27, 2021

Hormonal Imbalance in Women

A hormonal imbalance can result from many different lifestyle choices. There are natural and medicinal treatments that can be used to right this condition. more »

Jul 25, 2021

How to Increase Breast Size Effectively

How to increase breast size? A combination of herbal therapy, exercise and proper diet can help to naturally increase the size and the appearance of breasts. more »

Jul 22, 2021

Yasmin (Birth Control Pills) Uses and Precautions

Yasmin is a birth control medication to help prevent pregnancy, manage periods or control severe acne. Taking precautions before you start will help you avoid unpleasant side effects. more »

Jul 13, 2021

Skin Dryness in Vagina: Know the Causes and Ways to Help

Vaginal skin dryness is often associated with estrogen levels changes. Although it may be normal, one may need help for comfort, especially during sex. more »

Jul 09, 2021

Which Vitamin Is the Best for Women?

Do you know which vitamin is the best for women? Vitamin A, B or C? How can you get enough vitamins? Is food only enough? Get all answers here! more »

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