Why Does It Hurt Above My Left Hip?

When your left hip hurts it's usually pain experienced in the left side of abdomen/stomach. Learn the possible causes to seek treatment rightly.

When pain around left hip is experienced, sufferers can get a little confused. You may have or have not experienced this, but many people are wondering whether the pain is in the hip itself, or the stomach above, in which case we can say it’s abdominal pain on left side near hip. Sometimes it can be pain above hip bone on left side front part—abdominal/ stomach pain, or it can be pain above hip bone on left side back part—back pain. We’ll explain what causes this condition and when you should be concerned.

What Causes Pain Above Left Hip?

1.   Constipation

Constipation makes it difficult to pass feces normally, thus leading to a feeling of being bloated and can be painful. Constipation in colon is one common but less sever cause of pain above your left hip, which can be remedied by eating a fiber rich diet. Here’s a list of high fiber foods.

Besides constipation, gastroenteritis can also be the cause.

2.   Pregnancy

For pregnant women, it can be normal growing pains, which is round ligament stretching to accommodate for the baby inside. Or it can be a serious problem such as ectopic pregnancy. In case the pain is severe, you should never hesitate to see the doctor.

3.   Ovary Problems

In reproductive age women, pain above left hip can be caused by a condition of the ovaries. For example, a cyst on the left ovary could cause pain that irradiates towards the hip and stomach. In such a condition, go directly to the emergency room if you are worrying about this.

4.   Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease. When it occurs, it affects the sigmoid colon or the descending colon, which can lead to pain in the lower left abdomen.

5.   Kidney Stones

Kidneys are located more towards the back, and when there’s kidney stone present, pain above your left hip on the back part is usually experienced. Kidney stones can "travel" in the urinary tract and thus the pain might be felt in other body parts than just around the kidney area.

6.   Other Causes

Pain and ache above left hip, no matter front of back part, is sometimes caused by actual problems with the hip, such as hip injury, infection or inflammation (like bursitis) or arthritis which affects the hip.

To know more about what organs lie in left side of abdomen and the details of all possible causes of the pain in this area (including both upper left side abdominal pain and lower left side abdominal pain), read our article here.

Bottom Line

Pain above left hip which is intermittent and severe should be checked by a doctor. Warning signs include severe pain, dizziness, blood in urine and high fevers.

What About Pain Above Right Hip?

For pain above right hip, you also need to know what organs are located on the right side in abdomen and what could go wrong with them. Compare your symptoms with possible causes and see which one is causing your pain. Click here to get more information.

Videos for more: differential diagnosis of abdominal pain according to abdominal regions



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