What Are the Side Effects of Slimquick?

Slimquick is a dieting supplement that is intended to make it easier for women to lose weight by boosting energy levels and the metabolism. But there're side effects!

Slimquick is a smoothie-like beverage that acts as an appetite depressant. It is also marketed as a fat burner that is specifically designed to help women lose weight. Ingredients in the beverage were designed to help combat the physiological and hormonal barriers that make weight loss difficult for women. The complexes in the beverage are also available in capsule form for convenience.

How does Slimquick Work?

The complexes in Slimquick assist with weight loss by reducing the woman's appetite, increasing her metabolism and energy rate, balancing hormone levels and reducing water retention. This helps reduce body fat storage so that women will not gain weight as easily. Slimquick is designed to be used alongside a diet and exercise program, making it easier for these efforts to achieve the desired effects.

Positive Features of Slimquick

Slimquick contains a unique formula that has many of the essential vitamins that are required for a balanced diet. There are also several herbs in the blend that are known for supporting a healthy system, particularly for women. Because of their high vitamin and herb content it is easy to find the tablets and beverages in stores at an affordable price, making it easy for women to get the supplies they need to keep their diet on track.

Slimquick does not make any claims to help women drop weight without effort. The product includes instructions for a healthy diet and exercise program that can assist with their weight loss. This can help prevent women from using unhealthy means to get the results they want.

Negative Features of Slimquick

Caffeine - In order to help people take on a more vigorous exercise routine and to keep the metabolic rate high, Slimquick contains a great deal of caffeine. This can be dangerous for those that suffer from a heart condition or are taking other medications that are not intended to be pared with caffeine.

Appetite suppressant - Slimquick also contains an appetite suppressant that may adversely affect some users, especially when combined with the high levels of caffeine. Some users have reported insomnia, nervousness, anxiety or jitteriness when using Slimquick products. Others have reported feeling excessively hungry and thirsty after the pills wear off due to the body's dependence on the ingredients in the pills.

Low amount of vitamin - Some claim that while there are a variety of vitamins included in Slimquick capsules, the amount of each is so low that they will have very little effect on the body. While these vitamins can help replace those that are missing due to the user's decreased eating, they are not shown to help promote weight loss. In fact, while there are several claims from satisfied customers, the blend of ingredients used in the Slimquick formula has not been scientifically proven to be effective.

High cost - While the initial doses of Slimquick are very affordable, investing in all the tools necessary to follow the Slimquick program can be costly. Patients will need to purchase Slimquick pills as well as the night doses. Doses also change after the first week, requiring users to change their dosing and the products they are using.


Slimquick contains several ingredients that can have negative effects on some users.

Dehydration and malnutrition - Due to the ingredients that help to decrease bloating patients may become dehydrated. These diuretics can also deprive the patient of essential vitamins and nutrients that are necessary for healthy body function.

Certain diseases - Those that have high blood pressure or heart disease may not be able to take Slimquick capsules due to their high level of caffeine. Not only do these capsules artificially raise the heart rate, they can negatively interact with other medications you are using to manage your condition. Those that are sensitive to caffeine may also not be able to take these capsules due to the potential negative effects. People with conditions such as diabetes should talk with their doctor before taking an appetite suppression pill like Slimquick because going for long periods without eating can negatively impact your blood sugar levels.

Consult your doctor - Anyone looking to use dieting pills such as Slimquick to help them loose weight should first talk with their doctor. They can help you create a healthy diet program that will ensure that you are not missing key nutrition that promotes overall body health.

Type of exercise - You will also need to determine what type of exercise is appropriate for your health and body type so you do not overexert yourself when exposed to the energy-boosting ingredients in Slimquick.

Work with dieting methods - Slimquick is not intended to be used on its own to cause weight loss. It is intended to be used alongside other dieting methods to make your goals easier to achieve and your efforts more effective. Those that are looking for a supplement that causes weight loss on its own should seek out another dieting tool.


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