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Apr 29, 2019

Ways on Calculating Calories You Need and Burn

Calculating the number of calories you need versus the amount of calories you eat each day will help you determine how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn here. more »

Apr 15, 2019

How to Perform Bicep Workouts Without Using Weights

Bicep workouts without using weights allow you to exercise at places with limited equipments. Don't know where to start? Follow our workout guidelines here! more »

Mar 29, 2019

Seven Dimensions of Health

There are many paths to wellness, such as spiritual, environmental, emotional and physical health. Ensure all dimensions of your health are functioning well. more »

Mar 26, 2019

Wellbutrin and Weight Loss

Wellbutrin is a medication to help treat depression and reduce food cravings. Although it has been shown to assist with weight loss by decreasing caloric intake, side effects may trigger potential risks. more »

Mar 14, 2019

Chest Pain While Running: Causes and Management

Chest pain while running is common, but it can be easily prevented. However, it may be due to a condition that will need to be treated with medical attention. more »

Mar 13, 2019

How Much Cardio Should I Do a Day?

How much cardio workout to do per day? Here’s the recommendation for different workout purposes and signs you are overdoing. more »

Mar 09, 2019

Time It Takes to Heal a Knee Sprain and Ways to Help

The time it takes a knee sprain to recover depends on the severity of your sprain. Here're helpful tips to promote healing and prevent knee injuries. more »

Mar 06, 2019

How to Stay Energetic Throughout the Day

The key to be energetic all the day are to have adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise and to avoid stress and stimulants such as coffee in the late afternoon. more »

Feb 28, 2019

Which Muscles Will Pushups Work?

Pushups are one of the most basic exercises that are beneficial to build a strong core and upper body. Learn which muscles pushups work here. more »

Feb 15, 2019

5 Natural Ways to Help Lose Fat on Your Face

Losing fact fat is not easy. Exercising, dieting and other ways can help you naturally lose weight in the face, but cosmetic activities are also an option. more »

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