10+ Foods That Easy to Digest

Foods easy to digest improve digestive health. Go for foods high in nutrients but break down easily like veggies and fruit rather than those fatty or complex ones.

There are many reasons, both comfort and health based that would prompt someone to focus on consuming foods that are easy to digest. If you have a condition that makes it difficult to digest foods properly, if you are getting over an illness like the flu or you are simply looking to put less stress on your system overall, you can benefit from eating more foods that are easy to digest rather than those which put stress on the system. Here are some easy to digest foods to include in your diet.

Top 10 Foods That're Easy to Digest

1.    Fruits

Most fruits do not make your digestive system work very hard and some good examples include melons, bananas, mangos, avocados, apricots, peaches, cranberries, and nectarines. These fruits are high in water content and are therefore good for keeping you well hydrated all the time. Many enzymes in these fruits are also good for digestion. They also contain vitamins and healthy fat. Mashing them up would make it even easier to digest these fruits.

Bananas: Something that you can enjoy even when you are experiencing slight stomach discomfort is a banana. It provides you with loads of potassium along with fiber. Bananas also provide you with 17% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. You can also cook raw bananas, but eating them raw is always a better option.

2.    Nuts

Nuts have to be on your easy to digest foods because they are packed with healthy fats and natural oils. You get a good dose of omega-3s from nuts and seeds that help boost your digestive system. Cashews, walnuts, pecans, etc., are some good choices.

3.    Toast with Butter

When you feel your digestive system is not at its best, you may benefit from eating a slice of buttered toast. It works great because it is not heavy on your stomach. It provides you with simple carbohydrates, and is therefore an instant source of energy too.

4.    Brown

Brown rice is very easy on your digestive system, even though it contains loads of fiber and carbs. It is a much better choice as compared to white rice that can cause constipation, gas, and diarrhea. Similarly, you can include whole-grain breads in your diet. Avoid white bread and pasta though.

5.    Fermented Foods

If you are suffering from a digestive disorder that is caused by a bacterial infections, fermented foods such as yogurt or sauerkraut can be ideal for your condition. These foods can help eliminate bad bacteria in your system that is making you sick while helping you replace the good bacteria that helps you break down food.

6.    Leafy Veggies

Leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, etc., are not only light on your stomach but they are also packed with important nutrients. They provide you with a good dose of fiber and help eliminate any undigested food sitting in your gut. There is always a place of leafy veggies in your weight loss diet.

7.    Salmon

While you will benefit from all varieties of fish, salmon is probably the best option when looking for easy to digest foods. It is rich in omega-3s, provides you with loads of protein, and is very low in cholesterol and fat. When you have some stomach discomfort, you can still opt for baked salmon, which is extremely easy to digest. You can combine it with steamed veggies or sweet potato for a more wholesome meal.

8.    Chicken Breast

It is true that non-vegetarian food can make your digestive system work very hard, but there are some exceptions, such as chicken breast, as well as lean meats, like lean turkey, lean pork, and lean beef. Chicken breast is a great source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Cook it properly and it fills you up without hurting your digestive system. Be sure to include some fiber-rich foods in your meal because chicken breast is rich in protein but contains no fiber at all. Moreover, you should avoid frying your chicken and opt for boiled, baked, or grilled chicken.

9.    Oatmeal

When your digestive system asks for some rest, you can always rely on a bowl of piping hot oatmeal. It provides you with important minerals, vitamins, and fiber without making your digestive system work very hard. Regular consumption may also help lower cholesterol and improve energy at the same time. It is better to avoid the instant oatmeal because it contains additives. Instead, enjoy traditional oats and flavor them with pecans, fruits, and other nuts. You can also use some maple syrup for taste.

Table 1: More Easy to Digest Foods


When to Take/How to Prepare

Toast or saltine crackers

No preparation necessary. Recommended for those who are suffering from nausea.


Prepare according to package instructions. Consume to soothe digestive distress.

Scrambled eggs

Prepare in a pan with little or no butter and oil. Consume when you need protein in your diet when suffering from nausea.

Mashed Potatoes

Prepare by boiling and then mashing without sour cream or excessive amounts of butter. Consume when suffering from nausea.

Tips to Follow for Better Digestion

There are a few key rules that you want to keep in mind when you are designing an easily digestible diet.

  • Foods to avoid. In general, foods that are prepared simply that do not include a lot of spice or fat are easier to digest. Foods that are very sugary or include ingredients like carbonation or alcohol can also cause distress on your system.
  • Portion size. The first step to developing a diet that is easy to digest is to pay attention to portion size. Instead of having two or three large meals throughout the day, eat five or six small meals throughout the day to avoid bloating. This promotes more regular digestion and helps your body stay in a natural rhythm.
  • Spur digestive process. In some cases it may be necessary to stimulate the digestive process in order to relieve digestive distress. Bananas are a food that is easy to digest which also contains the necessary enzymes to accelerate digestion. Combining these foods with gelatin or mashed potatoes can also help soothe the digestive tract when it is suffering from distress.
  • Get enough nutrition. When you are focusing on foods that are easy to digest, you do not want to do this in a way that limits the amount of nutrition that is going into your system. Balance your diet with vegetables, meat and fruits.


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