5 Weeks Pregnant: Cramping and More to Expect

You'll expect many changes in pregnancy, even at 5 weeks. Cramping is just one of them, and when it happens, do not worry, it may just be uterine stretching.

It feels great to know you are going to be a mother soon. This is the time when you will experience several symptoms as well. Some symptoms will make you feel concerned, such as cramping and backache. Some women feel that these symptoms indicate there is a problem with their pregnancy. The truth is cramping in 5 weeks pregnant is usually quite normal and not a cause for concern.

Should I Worry About 5 Weeks Pregnant Cramping?

If you experience cramping in very early pregnancy, you should not worry because it is usually implantation cramping. It happens when the egg implants itself to the endometrium, the lining of your uterus. The cramping you experience here will be quite like premenstrual cramps. The cramps in this case are never severe, even though you may experience light spotting. Implantation bleeding is never as heavy as you experience in period. Heavy bleeding with bright red color may indicate a miscarriage.

Of course you may want to see your doctor if you have extremely painful cramps; nevertheless, cramping at 5 weeks is nothing serious and may also be due to one of the following harmless causes:

  • Uterine stretching: You may experience cramps when your uterus stretches to accommodate your growing baby. During 5 weeks pregnancy, it is normal for the uterus to expand from just a cell to the size of a sesame seed, and this stretching may cause dull cramps. Talk to your doctor if you notice heavy blood flow with cramping.
  • Constipation or gas pains: Your body produces so many hormones during pregnancy that may slow your digestion. Also, the expanding uterus will put pressure on your digestive tract that will affect your digestion. It is therefore common to experience constipation and gas pains during pregnancy. Both gas discomfort and constipation will feel as if you are having abdominal cramps. Again, it is nothing serious.

When You Should Really Worry!

It indicates complications if you experience severe cramps and have other symptoms such as heavy bleeding. You should not ignore these symptoms, especially if you are prone to anxiety or stress because it can be harmful for you and your unborn child.

What Others Say About Cramping in Early Pregnancy

"I am experiencing 5 weeks pregnant cramping without any bleeding at all. I feel pain when I have sex with my husband. The pain is in my vagina. I was becoming very concerned but then I read about it and found that it is perfectly normal. Most women experience the same at 5 weeks. For some, the cramps continue throughout the pregnancy. Some even have contractions towards the end. Pain during sex is also normal in pregnancy because there isn't enough natural lubricant. The increased blood flow to the vagina also makes it sensitive to friction. Using extra lubricant may help resolve the issue. I am going to try that as well."

"I experienced menstrual-like cramps during my first pregnancy and things did not improve until 9th week. I am now pregnant again and experiencing the same issue. I talked to my doctor and she says it is nothing to worry about. It turned out well last time, so I am not as nervous this time around."

"I experienced serious cramping during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. It felt as if I had ovarian cysts or were getting my period. I did not experience any bleeding though. My doctor said it was normal and should resolve on its own. They say the cramps are because things are stretching and growing."

How to Soothe Tummy Cramps

If you are experiencing 5 weeks pregnant cramping, you can try a few things to relieve the pain. For starters, take paracetamol. Do not exceed the recommended dose. A warm bath may also help relax your body. You should also stay active and perform gentle exercise, such as swimming or walking. Ask your partner to rub your lower back to soothe your tummy cramps.

More Things to Expect at 5 Weeks

It is common to experience tummy cramps by week 5, but you will experience some other issues as well.

  • Some women also experience light-headedness, sensitivity to smells, night sweats, heartburn, nausea, lower back pain, fatigue, sore breasts, and constipation. About 25% of women notice spotting during pregnancy, especially after sex. You may want to talk to your doctor about your bleeding to ensure it is nothing serious. 
  • It is also common to experience morning sickness with vomiting during early pregnancy. Some women feel queasy only occasionally. There are some who experience no morning sickness at all. It means you should not worry if you do not feel sick in the morning.

It is important to understand that you can have sex during pregnancy and this will not hurt your baby because there is a sac of amniotic fluid around your baby that provides complete protection. You may want to avoid having vaginal sex if your doctor has advised against it.

Your Baby at 5 Weeks Pregnancy

By the 5th week of pregnancy, your baby will be about the size of a sesame seed and look more like a tadpole at this time. The embryo is usually no longer than 2mm. Your baby's nervous system will start to develop by this time. By this time, the ectoderm will develop along with a layer of cells that form a hollow tube known as the neutral tube. This tube later becomes the brain and spinal cord of your baby. The heart of your baby will also start to develop at the same time – it will also be a tube-like structure. Even though the organs are still developing, some blood vessels may already be present in your baby's body. There will be a string of blood vessels connecting the baby and moth – it later becomes the umbilical cord. 



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