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Aug 09, 2017

What Are the Best Exercises for Inducing Labor?

Learn 8 effective yet easy exercises for inducing labor here! There're also some other ways to try to bring on those contractions and get things moving! more »

Aug 08, 2017

Ways to Increase Chances of Having Twins

How to get pregnant with twins? In most cases it cannot be controlled but there are a few dietary or hormonal changes you can make to your lifestyle for better chance. more »

Aug 07, 2017

Is Antiemetic Safe for Your Pregnancy?

Exhausted with vomiting and nausea with your pregnancy? Don’t give up just yet. There’re safe antiemetics you can use before 13 weeks of pregnancy. more »

Jul 24, 2017

5 Weeks Pregnant: Cramping and More to Expect

You'll expect many changes in pregnancy, even at 5 weeks. Cramping is just one of them, and when it happens, do not worry, it may just be uterine stretching. more »

Jul 21, 2017

9 Healthy Options If You're Craving Salt While Pregnant

Craving salt while pregnant is normal, but it matters how you deal with it. Not all sodium sources are healthy; but here are some good options. more »

Jul 20, 2017

Miscarriage Chances after Seeing Heartbeat

There is still chance of miscarriage after you've see a heartbeat. However, even women that are at a high risk for a miscarriage can work with their doctor for a healthy pregnancy. more »

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