How to Get Water out of Your Ear

Water in the ear can cause infection and various other problems. There are several solutions you can try to get water out of your ear.

Water in the ear can be considered a mild problem and will be often ignored by many people. You are more susceptive to get water in your ear, if you are a swimmer. In general, the water can enter and exit your ear without any problems. However, there are times when water can penetrate into your ear canal, clogging the ear. This can cause problems such as, ear pain, itching, reduced hearing and ringing in the ear. There are also times that water in your ear may cause an infection. This requires treatment as it can permanently damage your hearing.  Therefore, you need to ensure that any water in your ear is taken out as soon as possible. This may bring you to the question of how to get water out of your ear. Below are some methods that can be utilized in order to get rid of water in your ears.

How to Get Water out of Ear

It is quite easy to get rid of water in your ears. There are several home remedies that can be considered.

  1. Move your head from side to side and then bend the affected ear down to your shoulder and hit the opposite side with your palm. Water may come out for the force.
  2. You can also try applying pressure on your affected ear and letting gravity take over. Push your hand hard to the side of the ear affected and let go. The suction effect pulls the water out of your ear.
  3. Pour some water, using a dropper, into the affected ear. Wait for three seconds and turn around so that your ear is facing down. The water will pour out and provide you relief.
  4. You can also try 2 to 3 drops of rubbing alcohol and pouring it into the ear in the same way as in point 3. This also helps get the water out of your ear.
  5. There is also an ear-drying solution that includes 50% acetic acid or simple vinegar and 50% isopropyl alcohol. Take a cotton swab and squeeze some of the solution (2 to 3 drops) into your ear. This helps loosen ear wax that may hold water in the ear.
  6. A hair dryer can also help get the water out of your ears. Hold the drier near your ear and wait for the hot air to evaporate the water out of your ear. Make sure you do not get burned!
  7. Lay down on the bed with you head hanging down, and the affected ear facing the ground. Sometimes, gravity takes over and helps you get rid of the excess water.
  8. You can also consider doing nothing and go to sleep with your ear towards the pillow. Sometimes, by morning, the water may have seeped out of your ear and wet the pillow.
  9. If the above remedies do not work, try over-the-counter solutions. Always consider the help and advice of the pharmacist before making your purchase.
  10. If the water in the ear does not drain out after all these solutions, you should consider medical advice. A doctor may prescribe a decongestant or an antibiotic that can help, if infection has set in, and clear fluid buildup.

How to get water out of your ear? Consider any of the abovementioned remedies to get rid of this problem. However, do not wait too long. Remember, infection can set in, and that can cause medical issues that cannot be resolved with home remedies.



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