How to Make Your Fat Nose Slimmer

How to make your fat nose slimmer? If you are sensitive about the size of your nose, no worries. Just try these surgical and cosmetic options to minimize it.

Some people are sensitive about the shape or size of their nose. This can be corrected with plastic surgery if the patient would like a permanent solution to their discomfort. There are also cosmetic methods that can be used to minimize the appearance of the nose.

Make Your Fat Nose Slimmer with Camouflage

Hairstyle - Much of the work of making the nose look flattering is to slim the face as a whole. Remove excess hair from around the face that might cast shadows across the nose. Some shorter hairstyles like a pixie cut can also make the nose appear larger because it draws attention into the center of the face. Instead, use hairstyles that add volume.

Glasses - If you wear glasses it is important to select a style that is flattering to your face. Those who are trying to draw attention away from the nose should choose a color that puts more attention on the eye. Choosing a style with a clear bridge and more detail on the top of the frame can also draw attention away from the nose.

Cosmetics - Using makeup to contour the nose can make it appear slimmer. Choose a contouring powder or foundation two shades darker than your skin tone, and then apply it gently on the sides of the nose. Applying a lighter makeup to the center area of the nose can accent this effect.

Medication - Some people experience a swollen nose because they are suffering from rhinophyma which cause the nose to develop a "bulb-like" red shape. In some cases, acne medication can help reduce this swelling to make the nose a more attractive shape and limit the risk of additional side effects developing.

Make Your Fat Nose Slimmer with Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, often referred to as a "nose job" is a procedure that can be used to alter the shape of the nose. Patients can opt to have their noses shortened, alter the shape of the nostrils, alter the contour or lift the tip. Your plastic surgeon will check the structure of your nose and the features of your face to determine which alterations would be the most appropriate.

If you choose to undergo rhinoplasty there are a few standard procedures you can expect. You will either be given local or general anesthesia depending on the severity of the surgical procedure. After the procedure has been performed you will need to remain rested. You will be encouraged to lay with your head propped above your chest to reduce swelling in the affected area. It is common to feel congested because your nose will be packed with cotton from the surgery. You may need to keep your nose bandaged and remain under surveillance for up to seven days after your surgery. After this, a plaster cast will be attached to your nose for approximately one week to provide additional support.

Like any form of surgery, there are some risks that come with rhinoplasty to make fat nose slimmer. You may develop an adverse reaction to the anesthesia if you have never used these drugs before. You also run the risk of excessive bleeding or developing an infection after the surgery. Visiting a quality clinic to have your surgery performed can cut down on this risk.



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