Is Grapefruit Juice Healthy?

Is grapefruit juice healthy? Yes, it is good for body, especially the freshly squeezed juice. Read on about the many health benefits of grapefruit juice.

Grapefruits due to their bitter taste are not that familiar among people when buying groceries. However, grapefruits have many health benefits for which they should be part of everyone’s diet. This citrus fruit is an excellent addition to a healthy diet. Is grapefruit juice healthy? In order to get all the health benefits from a grapefruit juice, make sure to make the juice yourself. This way you will make sure that you will get all the nutrients and vitamins compared to grapefruit juice bought in stores.

Is Grapefruit Juice Good For You?

Due to many health benefits, grapefruit juice, especially the fresh one is very healthy. Here are the health benefits of grapefruit juice:

Grapefruit Juice Strengthens the Immune System

Citrus fruits are known to be rich in vitamin C and grapefruit makes no exception. Vitamin C is known to strengthen the immune system. Drinking fresh grapefruit juice daily will boost your immune system. Other healthy nutrients that grapefruit contains include vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, etc. Did you know that only one half of grapefruit will provide you about 78% of the recommended vitamin C daily intake?

Grapefruit Juice Boosts the Metabolism

Is grapefruit juice good for you? Yes, grapefruit juice is very healthy and beneficial, especially for those who are trying to lose weight as it boosts the metabolism. Eating just a half of grapefruit before each meal, without making any other dietary changes will help a person lose weight by helping burn fat more easily. Grapefruit is rich in water as well, which will make a person feel fuller and stay hydrated at the same time.

Grapefruit Juice Helps Fight Gum Disease

Many people deal with gum disease. However, if you want to have no health problems with your oral cavity, you should eat two grapefruits a day. If you don’t like eating grapefruits due to their bitter taste, you can always squeeze the juice of these grapefruits and drink it. According to the British Dental Journal, daily consumption of grapefruits, including of fresh grapefruit juice reduced the risk of gum disease.

Grapefruit Juice Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones

Grapefruit contains naringenin, known for its bitter taste. Naringenin is known to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Due to its anti-oxidant properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, grapefruits are healthy citrus fruits which should be part of your daily diet. Drinking about one liter of fresh grapefruit juice a day will reduce the risk of kidney stones.

Grapefruit Juice Reduces Stress

Even though it might sound wired, you will not have benefits just from drinking grapefruit juice. The smell of the grapefruit itself can help reduce stress due to its fragrance.

Grapefruit Juice Protects Against Cancer

According to a study published in 2006 in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, grapefruits can help protect against cancer as they can help repair the damaged DNA in cases of prostate cancer. The vitamin C which grapefruits contain, is a great antioxidant known to decrease the risk of certain other types of cancer as well.

Grapefruit Juice Suppresses Appetite

The smell of the grapefruit is known to reduce the feeling of hunger. For this reason, people who are trying to lose weight should include grapefruit in their diet. Grapefruit is also high in fibers, making you feel fuller for longer. Grapefruit stimulates the release of cholecystokinin, a hormone that helps regulate the digestive juice and suppress the appetite.

Grapefruit Juice Helps Treat Indigestion

If you are dealing with indigestion, grapefruit juice can help you solve the problem. Grapefruit juice will help improve and regulate the flow of digestive juices, which will have an effect on the bowel movements.

Grapefruit Juice Helps Control Diabetes

Grapefruit is very beneficial for diabetics as well. Regardless if you prefer eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice, if you are a diabetic by consuming this citrus fruit regularly the levels of starch in your body will be reduced. The flow of sugar in the body will be reduced as well, helping a person control the levels of blood sugar better.

Grapefruit Juice Helps Prevent Stroke

According to the American Heart Association, eating regularly citrus fruits, including grapefruit will lower the risk of ischemic stroke.

Grapefruit Juice Helps Control the Blood Pressure

Is grapefruit juice good for you? Yes, grapefruit juice is very healthy and beneficial when consumed regularly. The healthy nutrients that grapefruit contains such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber, choline, lycopene, etc., are very beneficial when it comes to the health of your heart.

Other great health benefits of grapefruit include:

  • Drinking grapefruit juice regularly lowers the risk of developing asthma.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice regularly relieves the signs and symptoms of arthritis due to the fact that it contains organic salicylic acid. Organic salicylic acid helps eliminate the inorganic calcium which tends to accumulate in the cartilages of the joints, especially in those dealing with arthritis.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice regularly will help prevent a common cold or flu during winter.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice regularly will keep your body hydrated as 91% of water in the grapefruit is packed with electrolytes which will impact the pH levels and the normal functions of the human muscles.
  • Drinking grapefruit juice regularly is very beneficial for your skin as well. It will help prevent wrinkles and even reduce them due to its high vitamin C content.

Even though you have probably read about all the great health benefits of grapefruit juice mentioned above when it comes to drinking grapefruit juice, a person should be aware of the fact that certain compounds found in grapefruit juice and especially naringin can interact with various medications. For this reason, you should be very careful when drinking grapefruit juice and taking medications at the same time, as due to an interaction, serious damage to body organs may occur.

How to Make Grapefruit Juice

Is grapefruit juice good for you? Yes, grapefruit juice is very healthy, especially the fresh and organic juice made from grapefruits yourself. Buying grapefruit juice from grocery stores will not have the same health benefits, of course. Are you wondering how to make the grapefruit juice yourself? You can use a regular juicer or citrus juicer for this purpose. Before making the juice it is very important to select the right grapefruits. Avoid using grapefruits with wrinkled skin, as well as grapefruits with brown dots on them.



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