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Aug 22, 2017

Pain in Shoulder Blade: Causes and Treatments

Pain in shoulder blade can be caused by overuse, wrong posture and many others. It will usually go away on its own, or you can try remedies to help. more »

Aug 22, 2017

Pain That Occurs on Left Side of the Body

Pain on the left side of your body might mean a lot of things. Here’s what might be going on and when you need to worry about the pain on this area. more »

Aug 22, 2017

What Causes Right Side Chest Pain?

Right side chest pain may indicate serious medical conditions which are not related to heart. So if you feel that, be sure to have it checked early! more »

Aug 22, 2017

Causes of Pain in the Right Side

When wondering what’s causing pain in the right side, you should know the organs located in that quadrant and most common causes of the pain to get early treatment. more »

Aug 22, 2017

What Causes Left Side Head Pain? How to Help?

Sharp head pain on left side are among the common reasons people seek medical care. Causes range from benign to serious and potentially life threatening. more »

Aug 21, 2017

Left Leg Pain at Night: Causes and Remedies

Left leg pain at night can be due to issues with the nerves, muscles, or blood vessels. Learn the major causes and their symptoms to deal with your pain. more »

Aug 21, 2017

Pain in the Left Arm: Causes & Managements

People who are experiencing pain in their left arm should know there are many causes behind it, like hurt to left arm or more serious physical issues. more »

Aug 18, 2017

Passing Out from Pain: Why and What to Do

Passing out because of pain is not uncommon but rather scary. It is necessary to learn about the causes of this condition and how you can deal with it. more »

Aug 18, 2017

Pain under Left Shoulder Blade

Left shoulder blade pain can seriously affect your quality of life and overall happiness. Learn what's causing it and how you can relieve yourself from the discomfort. more »

Aug 17, 2017

Swelling in Left Leg: Causes and Treatments

Swelling in left leg can be a scary thing to see, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to threaten your life. Learn the causes and best ways to help. more »

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