How to Apply AndroGel

AndroGel is a testosterone containing gel for topical application on skin. It is used for testosterone replacement therapy in adult males with low testosterone levels.

AndroGel is a testosterone containing gel for topical application on the skin. AndroGel is used for treatment of adult males who suffer from low or absent testosterone and thus require testosterone replacement therapy. AndroGel is a clear, odorless gel that comes in two forms: pumps and packets.

AndroGel should not be used without physician's prescription. One should refrain from diagnosing himself with low testosterone levels and starting treatment with AndroGel on his own. For more detailed description of normal testosterone levels and who requires therapy with testosterone supplementation, refer to this article (Normal Testosterone Levels).

Androgel should not be used by women and children. They should even avoid contact with the area of the skin where AndroGel has been applied by an adult male. Males should not use AndroGel if they have breast cancer or prostate cancer. AndroGel should not be used if someone is allergic to testosterone or any other inactive ingredients of AndroGel (e.g. soy)

Method of Using AndroGel

AndroGel should be applied on the skin and only in the prescribed doses. One should not increase the dose of AndroGel without recommendations from the healthcare provider.

AndroGel Pumps

You will need to prime the AndroGel pump before the first use. To do so, fully push down on the pump three times and discard the content that comes out during priming. After priming, the pump is ready for use. Press the pump to release the AndroGel on the palm of your hands. Dose will be determined by the number of presses.

AndroGel Packets

Simply tear open the packets and squeeze the content on the palm of your hand.

Once the AndroGel is there on palm of your hand, apply it to a clean, dry and intact area of skin. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water immediately after application of the AndroGel. You should let the area dry (where AndroGel is applied) before wearing any clothes and should not shower or swim for at least 5 hours after the application of the AndroGel.

AndroGel is flammable when wet, so you should wait for it to dry before smoking or going near a fire. AndroGel should be applied at the same time each day. You should apply AndroGel only to skin areas that will be covered by a short sleeve t-shirt (upper arms, stomach area, or shoulders). AndroGel should never be applied to penis or scrotum. Before making skin-to-skin contact with another person, the applied area should be washed with soap and water.

Adverse Effects of AndroGel

Commonly observed adverse effects with the use of AndroGel are:

  • Acne
  • Skin irritation where AndroGel in applied
  • Increased blood levels of liver enzymes, cholesterol, and prostate specific antigen.
  • More erections, Longer lasting erections

Serious adverse effects with the use of AndroGel are listed in the table given below:

  • Worsening of the Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate Gland (increased urination at night, increased frequency of urination, urgency to pass urine, trouble starting urine stream, poor urine flow)
  • Lowering of Sperm Count (with large doses of AndroGel)
  • Enlarged and Painful Breasts
  • Breathing Problems during Sleep
  • Swelling of Ankles, Feet or Body
  • Pain, Swelling and Redness of Legs (due to blood clots)
  • Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer (probably)



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