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Aug 05, 2019

What to Know and Do When Blood Clots Appear in the Urine

When blood clots appear in the urine, it could be nothing but could also indicate life-threatening issues. Curious? Worried? We get all the answers! more »

Jun 23, 2019

What Is Kidney Dialysis?

People who have severe kidney disease must learn more about dialysis because it may be the only treatment that can add years to their life. Learn the types and risks. more »

May 03, 2019

Easy and Effective Home Remedies for Urine Retention

Urine retention is a common problem affecting both men and women due to various reasons. Various home remedies can help deal with the condition. more »

Apr 25, 2019

Kidney Failure: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Symptoms kidney failure will be different depending on whether it's chronic or acute. Know them well to identify the failure and get treatments early. more »

Apr 08, 2019

What Are the Symptoms of UTI and How to Treat It?

The urinary tract infection symptoms may be different based on parts of UTI and different groups. Know how to treat it no matter what the cause is. more »

Mar 04, 2019

Why Does Your Urine Become Foamy?

When your urine become foamy, it may be nothing but can also indicate severe underlying conditions. Find out the causes and ensure you're perfectly healthy. more »

Feb 22, 2019

Causes of Ammonia Odor in Urine and What You Can Do About It

Many factors can cause ammonia odor in urine like diet, dehydration, etc. Often it can be remedied with water intake or diet changes. If not, see a doctor. more »

Jan 07, 2019

11 Causes of Blood in Urine and How to Treat It

Blood in urine may be associated with different causes such as kidney stones, urinary stone and urinary tract infection. Be informed to get adequate treatment. more »

Nov 03, 2018

Types of Kidney Disorders and Ways to Protect Your Kidney

Kidney disorders may develop as a result of injury, health conditions, etc. The best way to avoid them is to live healthy and get treatments early for symptoms. more »

Nov 01, 2018

Bubbles in the Urine: Normal or Not?

What causes bubbles in your urine? You can't overly ignore it since various normal and abnormal conditions can cause urine to bubble. more »

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