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Nov 17, 2018

Know the Causes, Signs & Treatments for Stomach Ulcer

A stomach ulcer is caused when the lining of the stomach is eroded or damaged. This can lead to stomach pain and bleeding. If left untreated it can cause a perforation. more »

Nov 09, 2018

What Are the Best Treatments for Those Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are painful and really uncomfortable, but the best treatments for annoying hemorrhoids help reduce symptoms and give you a pain free life. more »

Sep 10, 2018

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments for Liver Pain

Liver pain can be accompanied by other symptoms like difficulty breathing, skin color change, fatigue, etc. Be sure to seek medical help and get treatments ASAP. more »

Sep 08, 2018

Diarrhea Among Elderly: Causes and Treatment Options

Diarrhea among elderly can lead to serious complications. It can be managed through hydration, probiotics, BRAT diet, OTC medications or medical treatment. more »

Aug 26, 2018

Why Do You Have Floating Stool and How to Deal With It?

Floating stool occurs when your body is unable to absorb nutrients from foods. Learning about the causes and treatments can prevent it from recurring. more »

Aug 20, 2018

Appendectomy Recovery Time and Best Ways to Help

Appendectomy is done to treat an inflamed appendix. Depending on factors like surgery type and age, recovery time varies. Learn what to do to speed up healing. more »

Aug 18, 2018

Why Does It Hurt Above My Left Hip?

When your left hip hurts it's usually pain experienced in the left side of abdomen/stomach. Learn the possible causes to seek treatment rightly. more »

Jul 27, 2018

Diarrhea Following Eating: Symptom, Cause and Treatment

Diarrhea following eating is distressing; it can be acute or chronic, but don't be upset. Here are some steps to take to ease symptoms and cure it. more »

Jul 16, 2018

Twisting Bowel: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

Twisting bowel is caused when the natural shape of the intestines has changed or a section of the intestines overlap. It is also known as volvulus or colonic volvulus. more »

Jul 09, 2018

Duodenal Ulcer: Symptoms and Treatment

A duodenal ulcer is a peptic ulcer that occurs in the top part of the small intestine, or duodenum. There are several causes, diagnostic tests and treatments for this condition. more »

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