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May 15, 2017

Brown Discharge from Vagina: Causes and Treatments

Most brown discharges from vagina are harmless. Light brown discharges usually go away on their own, dark ones can be more serious and should be checked out. more »

May 15, 2017

Cramps Yet No Period, Why?

Cramps occur when the muscles of the uterus contract to expel the lining made of tiny blood vessels. But what can it be when there’s no period with cramps? more »

Jul 26, 2016

Should I Worry About Bleeding After Endometrial Biopsy?

Bleeding after endometrial biopsy is fairly common and not typically a concern. Learn the complications of endometrial biopsy and contact the doctor when necessary. more »

Sep 28, 2015

Essential Oils for Menstrual Cramps

Essential oils for menstrual cramps such as marjoram, lavender and 13 more will help to relieve your symptoms greatly. But why would they help and how to apply? more »

Jun 02, 2015

Sore Breasts

Breast soreness is a common problem among women and most of the time is caused by hormonal changes within the body. Talking to your doctor and trying a number of ways to help alleviate sore breasts can help. more »

Jun 02, 2015

How to Take Birth Control Pills

How to take birth control pills? When you're happy with its convenience and reliability, remember that only the right ways to take the pill bring the best effects and your health will also thank you. more »

May 13, 2015

Leukorrhea: Causes and Home Remedies

Leukorrhea is the presence of a white-, gray- or green-colored discharge from the vagina. Find out here the causes and home remedies for leukorrhea. more »

Apr 29, 2015

Rash Under Breasts

Rash under breasts can be quite itching, and even painful. Find out here the culprits of under breast rash and home remedies to get relief from this problem. more »

Apr 10, 2015

Hormones After Hysterectomy

Hormones after hysterectomy can experience some changes. Hormone replacement therapy should be used with medical advice and necessary cautions. more »

Dec 15, 2014

Period Pain

Most women have experienced period pain. By understanding causes, risk factors and remedies, you can minimize the chances of having a painful menstrual cycle. more »

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