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Jun 02, 2017

What to Eat or Avoid with a Soft Food Diet

You have to stick to a soft food diet after dental or stomach surgery with foods like broths, dips, etc. Know what to eat and avoid with your soft diet. more »

May 15, 2017

Why Am I Spotting But Have No Period?

Spotting but have no period is a common complaint which doctors get, but in many cases, it's part of a normal process. Learn the common causes and when to worry. more »

May 02, 2017

High Fiber Fruits: 11 Best Options

Including high fiber fruits in your diet is one simple way to keep your digestive system healthy. They also provide you with potassium, magnesium and healthy fats. more »

Apr 13, 2017

Foods to Be Avoided by Hypothyroid Patients

When the thyroid improperly functions it can be difficult to keep a balance in the body. It is necessary to avoid certain foods when you suffer from hypothyroid as these elements can worsen your condition. more »

Feb 21, 2017

Top 10 Great Foods to Eat Every Day

Your diet has a huge impact on your mental and physical health, and by learning about foods to eat every day, you can perform better both mentally and physically. Spinach, banana… more »

Feb 15, 2017

Good Sources of Fiber

Good sources of fiber are easy to find, including almonds, raspberries, pears, etc. Include them in your diet to get benefits like healthy digestion, weight control, etc. more »

Jan 18, 2017

Are Mushrooms Good for You?

Are mushrooms good for you? They can be toxic, but the non-toxic ones can actually be quite delicious and healthy. They are good for boosting immunity, lowering cholesterol levels… more »

Dec 09, 2016

Is Club Soda Bad for You?

Is club soda bad for you? The answer really depends on how much you drink and how often. You are usually good as it contains no calories. However, drink in moderation. more »

Dec 02, 2016

Is Smart Water Good for You?

Is Smart Water good for you? Yes, it contains electrolytes that you lose after a workout. Still, you need to consider a few things before selecting a post-workout beverage. more »

Nov 08, 2016

Is White Vinegar Good for You?

Is white vinegar good for you? Yes white vinegar is good for both skin and physical health. Just take caution to dilute and choose the right type when using or consuming. more »

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