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Aug 08, 2017

How to Control Your Husband

Abide by the 10 tips on how to control husbands to keep him around you forever and spice things between you guys but without being dubbed as a control freak. more »

Aug 07, 2017

7 Effective Ways to Help Stop Masturbation

Stopping masturbation may be a concern for some people. Ridding triggers and focusing your energy on other pursuits can help limit your urge. more »

Aug 04, 2017

Being in a Relationship with an Addict

It is always tough being in a relationship with an addict, but it is important to reach out for help and know how to handle a person with alcoholic behaviors. more »

Aug 04, 2017

Which Brands of Birth Control Pill Should You Choose?

Which brands of birth control pills should you use when you want to prevent unexpected pregnancy? Here we introduce the common types of pills to help you out! more »

Aug 01, 2017

7 Tips for Proposing to Your Girl

Proposing to a girl can be an anxious moment. Here are a few considerations to give thought to before you pop that all important question. more »

Jul 28, 2017

What Causes Condom Allergy and What to Do?

Condoms are usually made of latex and lined with spermicides. Some people have allergy to condom due to these substances. Learn all you should know. more »

Jul 25, 2017

5 Cute and Lovely Ways to Ask Her Out

Asking a girl out comes naturally to some guys but leave others with sweaty palms. Here are some cute ways which will increase your chances of a "yes". more »

Jul 20, 2017

What Your Body Will Feel Different After Sex?

What body changes will happen after sex for a woman? There are numerous physical and mental changes you may experience after the sexual act. more »

Jan 26, 2015

Sex After Hysterectomy: When and How

Sex after hysterectomy might be daunting for some women, but it can be just as good as it was before. Maybe even better! Here’s what you need to know about sex after a hysterectomy. more »

Dec 04, 2014

Sex Addiction

Being a sex addict is not an incurable condition, if you look for treatment and try to adopt a healthy outlook on life. Read on to learn all about sex addiction. more »

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