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May 17, 2014


Cyclobenzaprine is a drug that is used to help treat skeletal and muscular pain. Side effects are rare with this medication, but it is still essential that you work with your doctor to help avoid any conditions that may develop. more »

May 15, 2014


Concerta is used to treat ADHD in children, adolescents and adults. Adverse reactions to Concerta may be common in some patients, so work with your doctor to determine an appropriate dose. more »

May 13, 2014


Sertraline is used to help balance the levels of serotonin in the brain. There is a high risk of side effects associated with this medication, so it is important to have your condition monitored closely. more »

May 11, 2014


Nexium is a drug used to treat damage to the esophagus and stomach from an increase in stomach acid. Side effects and negative reactions to Nexium are extremely rare, making it a common choice for doctors. more »

May 09, 2014


Amlodipine is used to treat high blood pressure or angina, and is commonly prescribed alongside other medications to assist in treatment already in progress. more »

May 07, 2014


Augmentin is part of the penicillin family, so those with allergies to these types of medications should not use this product to treat infections. more »

May 06, 2014


Tramadol is useful for limiting the onset of moderate or severe chronic pain. Users will need to work with a medical professional to ensure that proper dosage is administered to keep the risk of a negative reaction low. more »

May 01, 2014


Naproxen is a pain reliever that can aid in the treatment of stiffness, tenderness and swelling in the body, including side effects caused by various forms of arthritis. more »

May 01, 2014

Bactrim DS

Bactrim DS is an antibiotic that is used to fight infections in the body. Dosing and administration of this drug will vary based on the nature and severity of your condition. more »

Apr 30, 2014


Methotrexate is used to treat many diseases including skin conditions and cancer. Because dosing and usage of Methotrexate varies wildly based on your condition, you will need to work closely with your doctor to determine an appropriate dose. more »

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