What Causes Black Spots on Lips?

Black spots on lips can be embarrassing. They are quite rare and will cause considerable alarm in a person if the spots appear suddenly. Understanding its causes and knowledge of the remedies can help treat or prevent this problem.

Black spots on lips are quite rare and will cause considerable alarm in a person if they develop them suddenly. Black spots on the lips can also be embarrassing as it is not a pleasant sight. This makes it a priority to find out the cause of this and also the means of getting rid of them. There are a number of causes of black spots on the lips. Thankfully, there are many remedies as well, which is dependent on the cause.

Causes of Black Spots on Lips

There are several potential causes of black spots on the lips:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Too much sun exposure resulting in dry lips and dark patches
  • High intake of caffeinated beverages, such as, tea or coffee
  • Consumption of hot food
  • Biting and licking the lips constantly
  • High levels of iron in the body
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Changes in hormone levels
  • Allergic reactions to toothpaste and products applied on the lips
  • Allergic reaction to lip medication
  • Using expired lipsticks and inferior quality lip care products
  • Excessive pigmentation on the lips
  • A symptom of cancer, in rare cases

Remedies for Black Spots on Lips

Getting rid of black spots on the lips is not that difficult as there are several remedies available for consideration. Unwanted spots on lips usually show significant responses with regular lip caring tips. This, however, depends on the cause of these spots. Some of the remedies and tips are mentioned below.

1. Apply Certain Things

  • Lip Balm. Excessive sun exposure can cause the lips to dry, and this, in turn, causes black spots on the lips. The application of lip balm before leaving the house can prevent these spots from forming as lip balm acts as a protective barrier.
  • Lemon Juice. Lemon juice has natural bleaching properties and helps eliminate spots. An application of lemon juice and honey, several times a day can eliminate lip discoloration.
  • Water. Dry lips can occur due to dehydration that can also produce black spots on the lips. Drinking plenty of water – at least 8 glasses a day – keeps the body well hydrated. A hydrated body means hydrated lips. Licking dry lips can also be avoided by drinking plenty of water.

2. Avoid Certain Things

  • Hot Foods. Consuming meals when they are steaming hot can also exacerbate the condition. Therefore, the food should be allowed to cool before consumption.
  • Tea and Coffee. People who consume more than one or two cups of tea or coffee and experiencing black spots on the lips should cut back on the consumption. The condition will improve significantly upon discontinuation of the consumption of tea or coffee.
  • Expired Lip Products. Black spots on the lips can be prevented by using high quality lip cosmetics and the use of expired ones.
  • Iron Supplements. Reducing foods high in iron and avoiding iron supplements may reduce the black spots that appear on the lips.
  • Certain Medications. Some medications can also be causing the black spots on the lips. Some oof the most common ones are: estrogens, phenytoin, amiodarone, tetracyclines, sulfonamide, phenothiazines. This should be discussed with a doctor before discontinuation.
  • Tobacco and Alcohol. Stopping smoking has many health benefits. It can also prevent the formation of black spots on the lips. The same is applicable for the consumption of alcohol. Beneficial results will be apparent within a short time span if one abstains from these habits.

There may be instances when these home remedies may not be sufficient in getting rid of black spots on lips. In this instance, it may be beneficial seeking the advice of a dermatologist who will identify the root cause of the issue and recommend a prescription medication.


Dark Spots on Face

Dark spots on face are usually a sign of skin damage. Applying remedies that allow the skin to regenerate will help these marks fade more quickly. If the dark skin is persistent you can speak to your doctor.

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