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Dec 25, 2017

Lemongrass Essential Oil: Skin Benefits and Using Methods

Lemongrass essential oil due to its health benefits is recommended for various skin problems. Read the article to learn the ways to use the oil. more »

Nov 20, 2017

Top 10 Recipes for Making Your Own Lip Scrub at Home

Do you have problems with cracked lips? Continue reading and learn the recipes of making your own lip scrub at home. more »

Sep 08, 2017

Facial Warts: Symptom, Cause and Treatment

Warts are due to infection with HPV. They often appear on hands and feet but may also occur on face. Learn the symptom, cause and treatment for facial warts. more »

Aug 30, 2017

Causes of Keratosis Pilaris and Treatments

Causes of keratosis pilaris include genes, hormonal imbalances, vitamin A deficiency, gluten allergy, etc. Treatments are available for the condition. more »

Aug 24, 2017

What Causes Itch Uncontrollably and How to Remedy It?

Uncontrollable itchiness can be really frustrating. Home remedies like cold compress can help; but see a doctor if it didn’t get better with remedies. more »

Aug 23, 2017

Arm Itch: Causes and Treatments

Arm itch is not easy to deal with. We have found 8 main causes for you to identify your conditions and 7 effective remedies for relief. more »

Aug 22, 2017

Is Poison Ivy Really Contagious?

Is poison ivy really contagious? Can you get rash by touching the contaminated skin or clothing? Find the answer and curative and preventive methods here! more »

Aug 21, 2017

Common Causes of Bumps on the Bottom of Foot That Hurt

Bumps on the bottom of foot that hurt are often harmless and can be treated with home remedies. Here are 4 most common causes of it. more »

Aug 15, 2017

Itching Lips: Causes and Treatments

Itching lips can be caused by an illness, allergy or environmental irritants. Identify your cause and try remedies like aloe vera gel to get instant relief. more »

Aug 09, 2017

How to Heal Bruises Faster

Are there safe ways to heal bruises faster? It is not as difficult as you might think. Here are 14 helpful remedies to accelerate healing after you get a bruise. more »

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