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Jul 02, 2014


Uveitis causes inflammation in the middle portion of the eye. Medical treatment is essential. We have listed a few treatment options to help patients determine the best course of action for addressing uveitis. more »

Jun 06, 2014

Visual Field Test

To ensure eye health, visual field tests, apart from other eye-checking procedures, are conducted. Not only do they examine the visual problems, but also tell possible eye diseases so that one could take cooperative measures sooner. more »

Jan 08, 2014

Sty in Eye

Sty in eye or external hordeolum is a pus forming infection of sebaceous or sweat glands present at the base of the eyelashes. Eye stye usually resolves in 7-10 days without any complications. Here are some helpful treatments helping you speed the recovery from eye stye. more »

May 20, 2013

Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral conjunctivitis is a self-limiting eye inflammation caused by common viruses, leading to pink eye. This condition must be distinguished from other causes of eye inflammation, which are treated differently. more »

Apr 17, 2013

Sore Eyes Treatment

Sore eyes are typically caused by irritation to the exposed portions of the eyeball. It can be caused not only by the problem of the eye itself, but also by the problems around eyes. Treating these symptoms will help relieve your irritation. more »

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