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Aug 09, 2017

Hip Pain from Running: Causes and Treatments

Athletes or people who run often have to deal with hip pain from running, then do you know what causes the pain and how to deal with it? more »

Aug 08, 2017

How to Calculate Calories

Calculating the number of calories you need versus the amount of calories you eat each day will help you determine how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Learn here. more »

Aug 08, 2017

How to Breathe in a Better Way

The question of how to breathe better seems funny. However, you can get a lot improvement in breathing with the effective and healthy approaches listed here! more »

Aug 08, 2017

How to Stay Energetic Throughout the Day

The key to be energetic all the day are to have adequate sleep, eat a balanced diet, exercise and to avoid stress and stimulants such as coffee in the late afternoon. more »

Aug 08, 2017

6 Best Exercises to Help Tone Your Legs and Butt

Toning the legs and butt can promote good self-esteem and better overall health. Determine your body shape, find the right exercises and stick to them. more »

Aug 07, 2017

5 Natural Ways to Help Lose Fat on Your Face

Losing fact fat is not easy. Exercising, dieting and other ways can help you naturally lose weight in the face, but cosmetic activities are also an option. more »

Aug 07, 2017

10+ Tips to Help You Quit Smoking Easily

Quitting smoking can be a great concern for many people. Here are 10+ effective tips that you can refer to. Try some of them based on your own conditions. more »

Aug 07, 2017

Is Your Heart Rate Normal After Exercise?

Heart rate after workout can tell a lot about your heart health. Know what's normal and what's not here. And learn to work out at targeted heart rate. more »

Aug 04, 2017

How Much Cardio Should I Do a Day?

How much cardio workout to do per day? Here’s the recommendation for different workout purposes and signs you are overdoing. more »

Aug 02, 2017

How to Perform Bicep Workouts Without Using Weights

Bicep workouts without using weights allow you to exercise at places with limited equipments. Don't know where to start? Follow our workout guidelines here! more »

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