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May 03, 2015

Knee Pain from Running: Causes and Treatments

Knee pain running can be quite painful, and if left untreated, it may keep you from running again. It is important to identify the root cause of your knee problem and resolve the issue. more »

Apr 24, 2015

9 Best Leg Exercises Other Than Squats

You have to exercise your legs to keep them strengthened. Here are best leg exercises to either tone your legs or to build nice leg muscles. They are also fun to practice! more »

Nov 27, 2014

How to Quit Smoking

How to quit smoking can be a great concern for many people. This article serves several effective ways that you can refer to. Try some of them according to your own conditions. more »

Oct 20, 2014

Bicep Workouts Without Weights

Bicep workouts without weights can help you create a routine that will allow you to exercise at home or places with limited equipment. These exercises can be altered to provide the right amount of resistance based on your need. more »

Jul 13, 2014

How to Calculate Calories

Calculating the number of calories you need versus the amount of calories you eat each day will help you determine how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Counting calories can help you eat a healthy, balanced diet while avoiding excess weight gain. more »

Jul 12, 2014

Is Iced Tea Good for You?

Iced tea is a very popular beverage, especially in the summer or in warm climates. Is iced tea good for you? Iced tea can be good for the body if it is prepared with quality ingredients and little sugar. more »

Jul 10, 2014

Wellbutrin and Weight Loss

Wellbutrin is a medication used to help treat depression and reduce food cravings. Although it has been shown to assist with weight loss by decreasing caloric intake, it has side effects that may trigger potential risks to your overall health. more »

Jul 09, 2014

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

The amount of weight you hope to lose determines how much exercise you need to take. Aerobic exercise is one of the best exercises for weight loss, but this will need to be combined with activities and dieting to optimize your results. more »

Jul 08, 2014

Topamax and Weight Loss

Topamax is an anti-seizure medication that helps reduce the number of seizure attacks and reduce or prevent migraines. It also has been shown to work for weight loss. However, it also has many negative effects that can impact on your health. more »

Jul 06, 2014

Benefits of Push Ups

What are the benefits of push ups? Pushups allow you to train and build stability in a variety of muscle groups. This can help you avoid injury during day to day activities or other forms of athletic training, particularly if you perform pushups the right way. more »

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