All Ear-Nose-Throat Topics

Jun 01, 2014

Thumping Sound in Ears

A thumping sound in ears is usually caused by noise stemming from the surrounding blood vessels. This thumping noise does not usually require treatment, but you may need to visit a doctor to ensure that a serious medical condition has not impacted on hearing. more »

May 21, 2014

Water in Ear

Water in ear can be experienced by grownups, babies, children or old people. This condition can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable. Discomfort associated with water in ear can be treated with various natural remedies and proper prevention methods. more »

Feb 21, 2013

White Spots on Throat

A variety of conditions can cause white spots on throat. Noting your other symptoms and working with your doctor can help you determine what is causing the spots so you can get the right treatment to get rid of them. more »

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