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Aug 04, 2017

How Much Protein Is There in an Egg?

How much protein in an egg? Eggs are a valuable part of a balanced diet due to their protein and vitamin rich content. While eggs do contain cholesterol, eating the right amount is OK. more »

Aug 04, 2017

Side Effects of hCG Diet You Should Note

The hCG diet involves extreme calorie restriction. It is often panned by medical professionals due to the high risk of side effects and damage to the body. more »

Aug 03, 2017

How Many Grams of Sugar Per Day?

You are probably not aware of the recommended daily sugar intake that has been suggested for different groups of people. How much sugar should you eat per day? more »

Aug 03, 2017

Top 15 Foods High in Fiber

These 15 foods high in fiber are easy to find, including almonds, raspberries, pears, etc. Include them in your diet to get benefits like healthy digestion. more »

Aug 03, 2017

How Many Grams of Carbs to Eat Per Day

How many carbs do you need to eat per day? Half of your energy should come from carbohydrate sources. Cutting back on bad carbs can help you lose weight and stay healthy. more »

Aug 03, 2017

How Long does Alcohol Stay in Your System?

How long alcohol stays in system depends on many factors. Knowing it helps you predict how safe it is to take certain medications or perform activities such as driving. more »

Aug 03, 2017

Diet Tips for Healthy Gallbladder

Gallbladder disease will put the patient at risk for digestive disorders if it goes untreated. The diet tips here for gallbladder health will help to prevent it. more »

Aug 02, 2017

How to Cook Chicken Wings in a Fry Daddy

Deep fried chicken wings can be a delicious appetizer, lunch or dinner alternative. Learn how to fry chicken in the Fry Daddy type fryer here. more »

Aug 02, 2017

Recipe of Delicious French Toast

Get this all-star, easy-to-follow recipe of french toast from our food experts. You can also get some varieties or make your special one. more »

Jul 27, 2017

14 Non Diary Foods Rich in Calcium

The main foods rich in calcium are dairies, but they aren't the only food you find this nutrient. Here are 14 foods that you can include in daily diet. more »

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