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Mar 28, 2017

Dry Bumpy Skin on Arms: Causes and Treatments

Dry bumpy skin on arms can be unsightly and uncomfortable. Causes vary from dry skin to serious conditions like Lupus. Get a diagnosis before trying anything. more »

Feb 27, 2017

Know the Connection Between Smoking and Blood Pressure

Smoking is bad for your lungs, and there is a connection between smoking and blood pressure, which increases your risk of heart disease. Learn why you should quit smoking today! more »

Jun 03, 2015

Vicodin Withdrawal Symptoms

Vicodin is an opiate-based pain killer with a high rate of dependence, increasing the risk that patients will develop a dependence on this drug. Vicodin withdrawal symptoms can include fatigue, restlessness, anxiety and irritability as the body learns to function without this substance. more »

Jun 03, 2015

Percocet Withdrawal Symptoms

Percocet withdrawal symptoms can occur in anyone that has been using the medication for a long period of time. Those using Percocet will need to wean themselves off their medication in order to limit the negative side effects that may follow. more »

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