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Dec 02, 2018

Pain After Whitening Teeth: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

You can relieve pain after whitening teeth by gently brushing using desensitizing toothpaste, avoiding extremely cold or hot foods and drinks, etc. more »

Oct 28, 2018

Having a Tooth Hole Without Any Pain: Why and How to Treat

People who say I have a tooth hole without pain frequently have cavities in the early stage. Learn how it’s treated, as well as care to stay healthy. more »

Sep 12, 2018

What Causes White Spots on the Tonsils?

White tonsils spots are usually pus as white blood cells kill off bacteria or viruses. These can usually be treated at home, but in some cases a doctor's care may be necessary. more »

Sep 11, 2018

Mouth Sores and Swollen Gums: What Do They Mean?

Mouth sores and swollen gums are common with a variety of causes like infections, poor oral hygiene, etc. Learn possible causes and proper treatments. more »

Aug 21, 2018

What Causes Bumps to Appear on the Back of Your Tongue?

It's usually natural when bumps appear on the back of your tongue. It's known as papillae, but in some conditions, bumps may be related with other causes. more »

Jul 17, 2018

How to Deal With Lump on Your Gums

Lumps on the gums can be scary, but it also might be nothing. Know how to tell if the lump is a serious problem or something that will go away with time. more »

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