How to Differ Lust from Love

Want to know the differences of love and lust? Yeah, lust is more about sex and love is more about happiness. Is this all? Of course not! A detailed contrast here!

When a relationship starts, everything is just too heated up and intensified — your feelings, passion or your pronounced intimacy with the partner. But then gradually everything begins falling apart and you are left wondering, "Was it a real deal or was it just a random sex appeal?"

Lust and love are two inseparable elements in a relationship. Lust is the natural way of hormones triggering the response towards the opposite gender. It won’t be wrong to say that without lust, love has fat chances to grow and prosper between the intimate relation of a man and a woman. Whereas on the other hand, love is one of the most dignified, surpassing and sublime emotion that human heart can nurture. Here is a detailed lust vs. love contrast.

Signs That You Are in Lust

1. Less Balance, More Heat

True love is based on communication and commitment. Together these two lay a foundation of a strong relationship. Certainly heated passion is also there but when things go horribly chaotic and topsy turvy, you know that you are more in lust and less in love.

2. Exterior Rather Than the Interior

Do you find yourself helplessly gawking at a guy? You feel like there’s no flaw in his perfect body and you get instantly obsessed with him from head to toe. You start cooking wild idea of being seen with him by your side in public. This is another marker of lust.

3. Living in Delusion

You will always find it easier to stay in the fantasy rather than the reality. In your heart you’ll always somehow know that you and he are not meant to be, that he couldn’t actually want you the way you want him to want you. But you’ll harbor an odd fairytale anyway, of being with him even when he makes you feel older, or more out of place.

4. Dependency on Sex

Even when you love talking your heart out to him, you will always find this urge in your body to have sex because you would rather prefer sex over watching a movie with him or doing something else with him.

5. Closed Doors for Friendship

You’ll feel as if friendship was never an option and although somewhere in the relationship he and you were friends but it will soon dawn on you that it wasn’t friendship after all. Because it was all lust for you. And it blindfolded you so you had to keep going back to him for more and more, no matter what.

6. No Expression of Intimacy

When it comes to the lust vs. love contrast, you shouldn't miss out this one. Cuddling can take the satisfaction and comfort to the whole new level when in love but when in lust a body against yours may feel nothing more than bones and flesh. Your body will stay famished for sex and you will feel lusty all the time.

7. Feeling Needy All the Time

You will go crazy if he doesn’t pay attention to you. You will always be skeptic about his schedule and routine, whether he’s texting someone else other than you, or if he is where he said he’d be, what if he’s in bed with someone else, why wouldn’t he call you back, the list is endless. You just can’t seem to get enough of him.

8. Conditional Feeling

Love by all means is unconditional whereas lust is quite the opposite. It is only linked with satisfaction, and nothing else really matters. When in lust, the number of partners isn’t really something to stir guilt in the pit of your stomach. You will continue seeking gratification without having any boundaries.

Signs That You Are in Love

1. Impeccable Attraction

The chemistry between you and him would be so strong that you would talk all the time, sharing things with each other. You will listen to him with all the care in the world.

2. Gorgeous Looking

Even in his messy wake-up hair you will find him gorgeous. Each time you lay your eyes on him, you’d fall in love all over again.

3. Willing to Be With Him

Nothing would strike more important to you than being with him and you would wish to be by his side all the time, even if the two of you aren’t having sex.

4. Dreams for the Future

You would start planning your future with him because life without him will appear meaningless and empty to you. You will probably question yourself, is he the one? You must think about this question to get a better understanding of the lust vs. love contrast. 

5. Next Level of Relationship

You will take your relationship with him to the next base and take him to your family home for a dinner, to see what your family has to say about him and whether they like him as much as you.

6. Feeling Persistently Romantic

Don’t be even surprised if you catch yourself smiling to yourself and listening to romantic songs that remind you of him. You will start sending him flowers, arranging candlelit dinner with him and sending love notes to him during work, out of love.

7. Siding with Him

You wouldn’t be able to resist a stingy comment about him and land in right away for his immediate defense. You will favor him and agree to everything he would say even if you disagree with it inside.

8. Pleasing Him

When he tries to make you a better woman, you take his motivations and challenges with smile, and to please him you try your best to be the better woman.

The bottom line is though lust may not offer all that love has to offer, however love remains incomplete without lust. When in balanced proportion, the two feelings can create a stable and long-lasting relation. The differences between love and lust are not only applicable to woman but also to men.

Given below is the video to give a further insight about the lust vs. love contrast: 


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