Best Tips on First Time Sex for Both Men and Women

Proper tips on first time sex are great if you have never had any sexual experiences before. Tips here are both for men and women. Just make your night hot!

When you are ready to have sex for the first time, there are bound to be many questions going through your mind – as well as plenty of excitement and anxiety. You might wonder if you will do it right. Where can you find first time sex advice? Will you be able to please your partner? It is important to remember that everyone wonders these things from time to time, and it is also important to remember that not everything works out as well as it does in the movies. Go into the situation with a realistic view of sex, and you will do just fine!

First Time Sex Tips and Guideline



Always be safe

No matter how excited you are, the number one on any list of tips for first time sex should be: Use a condom. This can help protect you both from STDs and the risk of pregnancy.

Use plenty of lubrication for your adventure

This is very important for women who want to make their first time enjoyable. Always use a water-based lubricant, as this will not affect the efficacy of the condom. Always feel free to use additional lubricants if necessary.

Remember that the first time might not be so hot

Even if you follow all the first time sex tips, sometimes there is just too much anxiety and worry, and too many new things to discover. But remember that sex improves over time, as you become more comfortable with each other.

Enjoy the foreplay!

It is just as important as the actual intercourse – and for some people, it is far more important. Take your time with kissing, touching, making out, and doing whatever feels good for both of you.

Choose a location and time when you know you won’t be disturbed

You want to be able to relax as much as possible and enjoy yourself, and you can’t do that if you are worried about who will knock on the door.

Keep the mood calm and relaxed

Don’t get distracted by anything. In fact, now is the time to turn off the phone, turn off the television, and just focus on the person you are with.

Expect to take plenty of time

One of the most important tips is to simply take a deep breath, take things slow, and think of the pleasure as a marathon, not a sprint. It helps you have the entire night to enjoy – this will encourage you to take your time.

First Time Sex Tips for Men



Now is the time to talk to your partner about what she wants

What does she expect? What tricks does she have for you? What is she worried about? Share your answers with her, too. Conversation is one of the most important parts of good sex!

Take your time, as you don’t want to hurt her

Make sure she is ready to take you. In addition, make sure that you take your time so that it isn’t over quickly. This is a problem for many men the first time, so keep things slow, no matter how excited you are.

Watch her face

Is she enjoying herself? Does it seem to hurt her? You want to see pleasure written all over her face – if you don’t, slow down or stop, and talk to her to make sure she is okay.

Pay attention to every part of her body, not just the mysterious sexual parts

Her entire body is an erogenous zone, so now is the time to touch and kiss every inch of her. Even places that don’t seem like they would matter, like her hips or the bottom of her feet.

Penetrate very slowly to make sure you aren’t hurting her

Assuming it is her first time too, this might be a painful moment for her. Remember to talk your way through it and make sure she is okay with all that is happening.

If she doesn’t orgasm, that’s okay

She might not. Many women need direct stimulation in order to orgasm, and that can be tough with penetration. Make sure to take your time with her during foreplay and after to make sure she gets the pleasure she deserves.

First Time Sex Tips for Women



You’ll do it because you are willing to and want to

You are the one who makes decisions about your body – YOU, and only you. So when you decide to have sex with someone, make sure you want to do it because you really do, not because you are coerced or pushed into it.

Talk to him about what you are feeling and thinking

Though it might be tough if you are shy, remember that this is your moment to enjoy yourself, and create a lifelong memory. Speak up about what feels good and guide him when you need to do so.

For some women, there might be pain and bleeding upon penetration

That’s because of the hymen, and thin layer of skin in your vagina that is meant to protect your cervix. Many women, especially those who are very active or use tampons, have already stretched or broken their hymen, so it is isn’t a worry. But for those who have not, they might suffer from a bit of pain and bleeding. The pain will likely go away soon after initial penetration – but if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to ask him to stop.

Use a position that feels most comfortable to you

That is dependent upon you – some women want to have sex on top, as this allows them to control the entry. Others want to give their partner control, and so they prefer to be on the bottom. No matter what position you choose, remember one of the most important first time sex tips: take your time!

Always use contraceptives

Using a condom is a must when you are having sex for the first time. It is also very important to use birth control pills or other contraceptives if you have them. You want your first time to be enjoyable, but you also want it to be very safe.

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