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Aug 09, 2017

Can Peanut Butter Cause Constipation?

Peanut butter doesn't cause constipation; in fact it can relieve constipation due to its high fiber content. But red meat, unripe bananas, etc. can cause bowel issues. more »

Aug 09, 2017

Can Bananas Help with Constipation?

Ripe bananas and other sources of dietary fiber can help you poop. But to make it work, there're things to mind. As eaten improperly, they can cause constipation. more »

Aug 08, 2017

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be very frustrating and embarrassing. Using essential oils to treat hemorrhoids works great! Learn the most effective essential oils here! more »

Aug 08, 2017

How to Use Essential Oils to Treat Bloating

Using essential oils to treat bloating works amazingly well and you can also try other natural remedies to get similar benefits. Know how to do it here! more »

Aug 08, 2017

Appendectomy Recovery Time and Best Ways to Help

Appendectomy is done to treat an inflamed appendix. Depending on factors like surgery type and age, recovery time varies. Learn what to do to speed up healing. more »

Aug 04, 2017

Why Your Stomach Is Bloated and How to Handle It?

When your stomach is bloated, you will experience indigestion, stomach pain, etc. So it's vital to know why bloating happens hand how to deal with it! more »

Aug 03, 2017

Stomach Gas: Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Gas in your stomach can be extremely discomforting and often, embarrassing. Understanding its symptoms, causes and treatments for controlling it better. more »

Aug 02, 2017

Acute Gastritis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Acute gastritis is a stomach disorder which is characterized by sudden inflammation of the stomach lining. Know the causes and risks to better treat and prevent it. more »

Jul 31, 2017

Diarrhea: Symptom, Cause, Treatment and Prevention

Diarrhea is common, often related with infection, bowel disease, etc. It is usually mild, but needs medical attention in some cases. Learn the treatment. more »

Jul 28, 2017

Constipation After Surgery Causes and Management

Constipation after a surgery can be very frustrating for the recovering patients. However, many measures can be taken to reduce the risks and manage it better. more »

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