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Jul 06, 2014


Lorazepam is an incredibly useful drug when people need assistance relaxing or relieving anxiety. There is a risk of dependency with Lorazepam, so you will need to avoid stopping your medication suddenly. more »

Jul 06, 2014


Lisinopril is a medication used to make blood flow more easily through the body to help relieve high blood pressure or assist in recovery after a heart attack. more »

Jul 04, 2014


Benadryl is most commonly used to treat allergies on the skin and in the nasal or respiratory systems. Negative reactions to Benadryl are somewhat common but are rarely severe. You may need to avoid certain substances while taking Benadryl. more »

Jul 03, 2014


Cymbalta is a long acting drug that is mainly used to treat depression, though it can be used to treat pain, GAD and urinary incontinence as well. more »

Jul 02, 2014


Abilify is used to treat psychotic conditions including depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia in adults and teenagers. more »

Jul 02, 2014


Plavix is used to help monitor cardiac conditions including ACS and post-heart attack or stroke care. more »

Jun 30, 2014


Progesterone is most often used in hormone replacement therapy in women who are undergoing menopause, but can be used for a wide variety of hormonal changes in men and women. more »

Jun 28, 2014


Ciprofloxacin is an antibiotic that is used to treat several different types of infections in the body. This may also be used to slow anthrax in the body. more »

Jun 28, 2014


Depakote is used to treat a variety of conditions including bipolar disorders and epilepsy. Usage and prescription dosage for Depakote will vary based on the patient's needs. more »

Jun 27, 2014


Bupropion is used to treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and can also be used to help patients stop smoking. more »

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